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  1. lisa Whit

    lisa Whit

    LQQK UP! Total Lunar Eclipse April 14 -15th 2014
    #totallunareclipse #lunareclipse #fullmoon #moon #moonphotography 

  2. Kimberly Mallett

    Kimberly Mallett

    @tcatello Thank you tcatello! (:

  3. gmail3122


    For some reason the music creeps me out a bit lol

  4. Steven Sweet

    Steven Sweet

    If you have moon shots you would like to share I have started a community
    page on facebook called Lunar 101-Moon Book. It is very new and we welcome
    any photo’s you wish to submit related to the Moon.

  5. carsen1234


    this was a great video

  6. JanetDwevlin MSP

    JanetDwevlin MSP

    So pretty 🙂

  7. Mia T.

    Mia T.

    It’s the Venus Transits that happens really rarely

  8. Kerry Alexander

    Kerry Alexander

    The best photos yet!

  9. rodswebdesign


    very interesting thanks

  10. Kimberly Mallett

    Kimberly Mallett

    @iLoveNarutoDuh I am glad you did Ilove thank you. Happy Holidays (:

  11. Kimberly Mallett

    Kimberly Mallett

    @619badazz13 YOU need to READ I live in Toronto! NOT USA! was picture
    perfect here! Grow Up! and show some respect for someone who stood outside
    all night to offer this so that those who could NOT see it can.

  12. Kimberly Mallett

    Kimberly Mallett

    @MrCousinBrewski This was my photographers dream come true, and test of
    willpower and challenge on settings, as well as dealing with bitter cold,
    but well worth it. Thank you for a compliment Mr Brewski, means allot
    coming from such a well renowned and expert photographer as you (:

  13. IAmAnActor99


    yeah but close the arctic circle they did said that the sight would be the
    best, but it was cloudy all the day. Bad luck, bad luck, bad luck! Nice
    video by the way!

  14. Natsuya123


    what happen in a lunar eclipse that the moon turns red

  15. ToboeOkamiKiba


    awwhh mah gawd! Red moon means the end of the Earth! (haha. Wolf’s Rain

  16. lucky chan

    lucky chan

    whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ! But the next lunar eclipse is

  17. MagentaMermaid16



  18. Kimberly Mallett

    Kimberly Mallett

    I wish to thank my viewers for over 3K,hits & 6 pages of comments on my
    youtube site since posting my Lunar Eclipse photo montage yesterday. I am
    grateful for your support and encourage you to keep posted as more are
    coming! Happy Holidays!

  19. taylor13345


    I was sick and slept through it.

  20. Mia T.

    Mia T.

    It happens every year you can see it depending on where you are on Earth 😛
    Go check wikipedia !!

  21. 18wheeler76


    yes,thank you very much,i live in buffalo all cloud cover,if i knew it was
    nice skies there woulda tool a quick ride,even tho i woulda had to sit
    there for 5 hours.great job.

  22. Jairo Gonzalez

    Jairo Gonzalez

    intrumental is dope!

  23. munfmunf4boisdinner


    @ShatteredGlass38 wait wut?

  24. Kimberly Mallett

    Kimberly Mallett

    @000BenLawson thank you!

  25. Kimberly Mallett

    Kimberly Mallett

    @ashleyjudecollie I have not yet had time to do this in fast motion clips,
    when I do will try it, and if it works out will post it. Thank you for the
    beautiful quote from Shakespeare.

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