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Things you need to understand as a web designer

A web designer primarily needs to decorate a website to make it look good for the visitors. If a website is good in appearance then the visitor may stay with it for some time and during this period will also read the contents by visiting the various sections. It is very much like how we initially get attracted to people by their appearance and study them later by getting acquainted.

A competent web designer would definitely ponder on this theory while he or she is working on the various structures of a website. In order to make it work a web designer must think like a user or at least collect opinion from different users on how they would like a website to be. Since web designers are not users it may not be within their perception how a user would like a website to be structured and designed.

Once you understand how users would want a website to look like you will then be able to create exactly what they want and what is expected of a particular website promoting a particular product or service. This is the difference between an average designer and an expert and expertise can be attained only by gaining in experience learnt from studying the user needs.


Whenever you plan to design a website you put yourself in place of the user and think accordingly. The discounts in Manchester website does this very well. Web designing must be user focused because all users are not inclined in the same way and are not blessed with the same abilities to understand and use websites.

Once you get to know the pulse of net users and how they want the websites they visit to look or structured like then you will be able to design the most liked websites seen on the internet – take a look at the Lancashire Cricket page on the CityCard site for another good example of a well set-out page. The point is that the design of a website should be likeable to the visitors searching for a particular niche so that they stay on the website and buy the products.

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