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The things that make a website look great

Several things go into the making of a great website and they would involve page layout, typography, motion graphics among other things. Without these primary elements a web page is not complete and without proper implementation of these elements a website cannot look aesthetically pleasing.

A Page layout contains the most important items such as text and graphics. Their primary function is encompassing the content put into the various assemblies of the layout and present them in a proper way. A page layout also helps the website to fit into various web browsers that are popularly used by users and in the various reading screens or monitors with different dimensions.

website look great

Similarly the fonts that are used in a website design also play an important role in enhancing the beauty of a website, like on the Plainsailing site. Most browsers support a set of fonts without complications and web designers only choose them so that the website is compatible with most of the popular browsers   since font downloading has been incorporated in the CSS3 font module it was also implemented in browsers such as Firefox 3.5, Safari 3.1 and Opera 10 thus generating tremendous interest in the web typography.

Motion graphics are other aspects that could potentially disturb the page layout. Inclusion of motion graphics would solely depend on the type of website and the target audience they are looking at. A web site serving entertainment would require the inclusion of motion graphics to please its visitors but a government agency offering information would find the inclusion a deterrent to the purpose.

Apart from the above mentioned, coding of a website also plays an important role. A website can be manipulated to serve the purpose according to the wishes of the owner with flexible coding. If a web designer gets all these aspects more right than you can expect to have a highly fluid website in your hands that would look and function great on the web.

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