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  1. RustyR


    @redvee2002 It was on my Cateye.

  2. kie7077


    Only 255mph, you’re slow, 6,985.2mph is my top speed according to my Garmin

  3. maidstoneonbike


    Maybe it is actually 2 1/2 mph, and it’s just missing the decimal point 😛

  4. Red vee

    Red vee

    This was from when the bike and Garmin was sat in the flat and stationary.

  5. rosickyize


    Could have passed another garmin user, happens with my cateye – 95mph on a
    mountain bike….

  6. mrcellophane99


    I’ve got mine up to 185 mph. Took it on Eurostar.

  7. HighTreason610


    255? Likely that is handled by an 8-Bit value, meaning that is the maximum
    possible value for the speed readout and there are about a million reasons
    it might decide to do that. My cyclecomputer likes to malfunction
    sometimes, claims I am doing 65Mph.

  8. Red vee

    Red vee

    I had similar false readings with my first few cheap wireless computers
    from the likes of Lidl & Aldi.

  9. RustyR


    I often reach 95+ mph when cycling home from work. The journey home takes
    me past two speed cameras. I’m starting to believe these my be interfering
    with my little cycle computer…

  10. dronespace


    Seems legit ;o)

  11. kaybikerow


    Had my cadence go up to an indicated 173 RPM once. Feet actually stayed on
    the pedals but my knees overheated.

  12. lucaseq77


    Same here, but it lasted only for a week. My speeds were between 1300 and
    20100 mph…

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