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  1. petalferrous


    some of them look more like paintings when restored, but they’re still nice. Most of them are totally amazing, though! The Einstein one and the Dorthea Lange are especially cool.

  2. Havra C

    Havra C

    Oh you make me sad….

    Amazing work though! ^^

  3. TheVerballaundry


    it’s up to the artist to decide, but all Black and white photos, you can do samples of the colour in black and white to see wich colour it is

  4. Karponify


    Hey Verballaundry! For example in the picture of Einstein (4:25) can you know if his shirt was actually blue? I mean.. does for example red, blue and green have different kind of grey color.

  5. Newguy585


    Abraham Lincoln for the win!

  6. M1Garandstudios


    i subbed 

  7. MrSvSa


    Wow! How the fuck did he do that?!?! What tools and how much time?!?!

  8. Eric Michael

    Eric Michael

    Liked! Great job

  9. particle409


    Most of those are iconic photographs that have always been in black and white. If you don’t recognize some of them, you need to pay more attention in history class.

  10. P.F.C. Trevino

    P.F.C. Trevino

    che can suck dee’s nuts

  11. TheVerballaundry


    Dude. So youre saying the picture of Charles darwin from 1875 is a color picture ? wtf man

  12. TheVerballaundry


    Here comes the joke – 3 people are in black and white 😛

  13. Matthias Baldwin

    Matthias Baldwin

    “None of these pictures were taken before colour imagery”
    There are color pictures of Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War? Are you sure about that?

  14. astrgd27


    You are an absolute idiot. Most of these photos are incredibly famous and were definitely taken in black and white.

  15. Joao Gabriel

    Joao Gabriel

    You are a fag. But a cool one.

  16. TheVerballaundry


    Im op mate 😛

  17. NuevaBestia


    OP is a fag taking credit for your work on 4chan.

  18. OnexPiecex


    They took coloured photos and put a black + white effect over them.. Anybody with at least a tiny amount of knowledge on Photoshop or any other image manipulation software would be able to see this.

    None of these pictures were taken before colour imagery so don’t try to pull that out of the bag. Believe what you want, you’ll only feel stupid when somebody puts up a reverse video.

    That’s all I have to say on the subject.

  19. TheVerballaundry



  20. TheTankRust


    0:16 That kid got an erector for his birthday. How dirty

  21. FrshChees91



  22. zoopdidoop


    This is absolutely fantastic.

  23. TheEpicUsername100


    Holy crap, this is amazing, you deserve more views!

  24. TheVerballaundry


    Its truly magnificent ! 

  25. BelmontRose1


    These photos are absolutely, stunningly beautiful. The colorized pictures of the American Civil War battlefield, of Mark Twain, and Charlie Chaplin brought them to life in a way I have never before seen. I love black and white movies, and the same could be said of black and white photography but these colorized pictures bring a freshness to history I did not think possible. Kudos!!! I would love to have some of the more than 100 year old pictures of my grandparents colorized with this skill!

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