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  1. John Smith

    John Smith

    If you think she was beautiful at the beginning you probably need to find a good optometrist

  2. ApotheosisTK117


    240p? Just what I was looking for!

  3. ApotheosisTK117


    They mean skinny, as opposed to obese. Because obese is not beautiful. Der.

  4. Finn8992


    попа не пропорциональна телу

  5. BoniekKurdupel


    The elbow looked kinda ‘dislocated’ to me, it seemed like the arm was a bit bent but.. it looked great overall

  6. James Mo

    James Mo

    It’s just luqify. Well, dam easy for ma skills. xD
    Press: Ctrl + shift + x
    Use the shrink tools (or whatever it’s called, just play with it)
    You need some basic photoshop skills to do that, good luck, I don’t got a lot of times to explain.

  7. BadBoyloveNaNa


    Can teach me how to do that ?? Because this video not clear !!1

  8. IFlow


    How to look good naked…

  9. iheartyalisa


    The legs look screwed up though…

  10. iheartyalisa


    There is no such thing as beautiful or ugly… It just depends on your tastes.

  11. ramez galal

    ramez galal

    download latest photoshop with crack here

  12. trouncerrredits


    regardless of whether or not you find someone attractive, it’s never attractive to see someone with little respect for their body i.e. letting themselves become unhealthy and obese. if she can’t respect herself how could she respect me?

  13. Hi_Mordecai


    she wasn’t really beautiful before dude. that’s called Fat.

  14. Sean Logan

    Sean Logan


  15. NerdyGalCubed


    She was beautiful before!!! Afterwards she looked DEFORMED!!!

  16. daveuk2012


    wtf that is not a good result.. she looks very very deformed!

  17. Alejo Prieto

    Alejo Prieto

    The name of this song is “Everyday” by Carly Comando


  18. jessica lee

    jessica lee

    what song is this?

  19. hey lilisasd n-ai banidS

    hey lilisasd n-ai banidS

    the song and the video make me think like this is a adertisment, every year thousands of people are getting fooled by photoshop, keep your eyes open:))))

  20. Abhinandan Ns

    Abhinandan Ns

    That’s a master right there!!

  21. Yourhappylatinos


    neither does fat

  22. Juliartvpc


    Because the more body fat a woman has = bigger boobs, less overall body fat => smaller boobs

  23. ugle99


    Why give her smaler boobs?

  24. Bintang Varahyangan

    Bintang Varahyangan

    holy shit.. gonna try this now.. give u a like :D

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